English Litrature


This course introduces students of literature and writing to the discipline of English. The course includes an overview of British and American literary history from Old English to hypertext; a study of the elements of literature and practice in close textual analysis with some introduction to critical theory; and seminar-style discussions of current topics in lit­erature (canon studies, multiculturalism, popular culture, etc.

To introduce students to the scope of writing as a profession, this course will explore the types and conventions of writing done in several different fields such as public relations, science and technology, and law. It will also introduce students to business writing genres, from basic correspondence to reports, proposals, and presentations; students will work with specific document models, learning to apply and adapt them to the specific rhetorical needs of the field being discussed. Students will hear from guest speakers in the individual fields, study sample documents, and create their own projects for each of the separate units.



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